Veldskoen and the Kariega Foundation share a mutual interest in nature conservation and creating improved living conditions and opportunities for South African citizens.

Together, through sales of the Kariega Veldskoen, we aim to generate funding that will contribute to initiatives that protect and rejuvenate Kariega’s wildlife and local community, through conservation, education, and job creation.

Community for conservation, conservation for the community.

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Kariega Veldskoen Rhino

Like minded partners

The Kariega Foundation and Veldskoen Shoes share a deep love for South Africa. Our two organisations champion efforts that improve the lives of South African people, and we wish to protect and preserve the country’s glorious plants and wildlife. That is why our approach to conservation prioritises people and the planet as equally important.

A holistic approach to conservation

In caring for the community around the Kariega Reserve, we unite and mobilise South Africans in the fight against poaching. The approach is simple: people who are empowered by meaningful work, education, and belonging to a greater cause, don’t see poaching as a viable opportunity to better their lives.

When you buy a pair of Kariega Veldskoen shoes, 50% of the profits are invested directly back into the welfare of animals and people living on and around Kariega Game Reserve. Your pair of Kariega Veldskoen is contributing to several community building and conservation initiatives.

Investing in communities through sport

The Kariega Foundation facilitates after-school sports programmes that give boys and girls the opportunity to participate in many sporting codes including in soccer and netball. These programmes, managed by community coaches, have allowed local children the opportunity to develop their talents. Some have gone on to play competitively at the provincial and national levels.

Kariega Veldskoen Sport

Nurturing communities through permaculture

The Kariega Foundation runs a gardening programme that teaches teenagers from the local community permaculture techniques. The teens make hot compost and learn about small-scale subsistence farming. The skills and the compost are taken home to grow food for their families and support community kitchens.

Kariega Veldskoen Permaculture

Mobilising communities for conservation

From these community-building projects, the Kariega Foundation has identified, trained, and deployed a fully functional mounted Anti-Poaching unit (APU).

The Kariega Game Reserve APU also includes a dedicated K9 unit and the GCF Mounted Unit. Your purchase of Kariega Veldskoen shoes helps keep these units operational and our treasured wildlife safe.

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Kariega Foundation

Everything in nature exists in perfect harmony and balance.

Kariega Game Reserve and the Kariega Foundation aspire to emulate a similar and mutually beneficial balance and harmony between commercial success and stability; community collaboration and activation; and sustainable wildlife management and conservation.

Follow the link below to discover more about the Kariega Foundation and how you can help.


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