Get lost in the tranquillity of Chuini Zanzibar Lodge, on the edge of Unguja Island – a home-away-from-home set near a vibrant fishing village, offering absolute privacy. Expect balmy sunsets with picturesque palm trees and views of the treasured Sultan’s Palace – a holiday destination of dreams.

Discover an African paradise on Zanzibar Island’s shores

Luxury island accommodation set on a historical landmark of an ancient palace on the west coast – Chuini offers a truly authentic Zanzibarian experience.

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  •  ADDRESS: Chuini Zanzibar Lodge
    Chuini Palace Ruins
    Bububu, Zanzibar, Tanzania, 4747
Watch this video to get a taste of what your trip to Chuini Zanzibar Lodge could look like and start planning your holiday today.

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Accommodation at Chuini Zanzibar Lodge



  • Children of all ages are welcome.
  • A maximum of two children between the ages of four and nine may share with adults.
  • Cots are available for children up to the age of three (each cot accommodates a maximum of one child).
  • For Superior Bungalows bookings only, an additional rate is charged per child, per night.
  • For Superior Bungalows bookings only, a maximum of one adult may qualify for the third person sharing rate.
  • Adult rates apply for children 10 years or older.

To ensure that you have the most pleasant and memorable stay possible, we recommend that you include the following items when packing: 

  • Clothing that covers shoulders, the midriff, and thighs
  • Beachwear and swimwear
  • A hat
  • High-SPF sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Child-sized snorkelling gear, if travelling with children
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera and underwater camera
  • Backpack 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need further information.

We recommend that you contact your local travel clinic for advice on the necessary precautionary measures that you should take for visits to this region. 

There are several pharmacies, good doctors and hospitals in proximity to the lodge. It is recommended that guests pack in insect (particularly, mosquito) repellent and anti-itch or antihistamine cream.

You can have your Covid-19 tests done in Stone Town, just 12 km from Chuini Zanzibar Beach Lodge. You are required to register online, pay and arrange the appointment via:
PCR tests: 

  • This test cost is USD 80.00.
  • The taxi cost for a return trip to Stone Town, where the test is done, is USD 50.00. 
  • You must test 48 hours before you need the results.
  • If you would prefer to have the test done in the lodge, the charge will be USD 120.00.  

Rapid antigen tests: 

  • This test cost is USD 25.00.
  • The taxi cost for a return trip to Stone Town, where the test is done, is USD 50.00. 
  • Result will be provided in three hours.
  • If you would prefer to have the test done in the lodge, the charge will be USD 75.00. 

Our team is willing to help you arrange anything if necessary. 

A destination wedding of dreams – this is the picture-perfect island to celebrate your special day and our team at Chuini will help you bring it to life in true Zanzibar style!
For more information on weddings at Chuini Zanzibar Lodge, please contact us via

Chuini Zanzibar Lodge supports the nearby village, Meli Nane, with several projects. The lodge offers apprenticeships and training positions, promoting ecological awareness and educating fishermen. Additionally, it supports the dispensary and tries to ensure that the majority of its employees are locals. Chuini is also one of the few lodges in Zanzibar that offers medical-aid insurance to its associates.

Zanzibar boasts stunning beaches and alluring oceans and is home to many different exciting watersports and leisure activities – but that’s not all that this destination is famous for. Affectionately called the “Spice Island”, Zanzibar became known for its spices two centuries ago at a stage during which it was an important trading centre. You can explore famous farms just three kilometres away from the lodge and discover how spices still form a part of the island’s culture.
Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the historic Old Fort of Zanzibar and the Forodhani Gardens are located, also makes for great sightseeing. Here, you’ll discover incredible architecture that showcases a range of international influences.
If you are fascinated by history, you can take a boat trip to Prison Island, approximately 30 minutes away from the main island. Surprisingly, the prison on this island was never used to house prisoners and has developed an interesting story. You could also take a trip to Grave Island, where a naval cemetery that dates back to the 1800s is located, or to Snake Island that lies between the two previously mentioned islands. If you’d like to learn more about Zanzibar’s history, read our blog here.
To explore more of what nature has to offer, you can visit Jozani Forest, Zanzibar’s only national park. If you love adventure, are curious about history or marvel at nature, you are bound to fall in love with Zanzibar.

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