Overlooking Llandudno and the Atlantic Ocean, this boutique retreat, to be built on the Apostle Battery site, will pay homage to military history, with restored buildings from the WW2 era, a museum and interactive experiences. The landscape forms part of the Table Mountain National Park and is set to be completed by 2025.

A unique hotel that pays homage to the past

The mountain lodge boutique hotel will be built in a contemporary and luxurious style, while complementing the original style of the military structures.

Apostle Battery Site
Victoria Road 
Cape Town 

Coming in 2025.

The Apostle Battery currently features three separate, developed but dilapidated or derelict areas that were part of the original naval defences. At these locations we will be creating two boutique military-styled mountain lodges – each with their own private guest areas. 

In total the two lodges will feature 21 separate suites which will be designed with a contemporary take on lightweight canvas military structures. Each luxury suite will boast their own private plunge pool with unrivalled views over Llandudno and the Atlantic Ocean.

To be built from light gauge steel and canvas, the design of the lodges and suites – which has been conceptualised by renowned designers Chris and Deborah Fox of FoxBrowne Creative – is contemporary and luxurious, while complementing the original style of the military structures on the site. 

The Mountain Lodge is centred around the three original gun sites known as the Apostle Battery, originally constructed in 1940 as an important part of South Africa’s naval defence system. In addition to the three gun batteries, the existing buildings at the Apostle Battery, all constructed between 1939 and 1945, include a guardroom, workshop, quartermaster sergeant’s room, mess halls, soldiers dormitories, a radio room, generator room, storeroom and ammunition room. 

These structures and buildings will be incorporated in various ways into the new Apostle Battery site. Most of the original footings will be used, and where alien trees are to be felled, this timber will be utilised in the architectural finishes of the new structures.

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